Part-time placements now available!!!

Here at ARK there is nothing more important to us than meeting the needs of our service users. Over the last 18 months, lives have changed due to the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus (Covid-19).  Some of our parents/carers have lost their jobs, had to work from home or attended college/university virtually. We ourselves had to close in line with Government guidance at certain points. All through this, the team at ARK/RBCC have been working hard - coming up with new ideas and putting these into action. Our levels of hygiene have always been very high but we wanted to take every step possible to keep both our staff and children safe on their return. We now have 'Social Bubbles' in place ensuring all children are with the same group of their peers and staff members at all times - we do this in the hope that if there IS a positive case within the setting, we can minimise the risk to others. We also have our new sanitizing machine - the Tornado - which we use at the end of every session in every area. This guarantees the whole setting is sanitized completely and ready for use again within fifteen minutes - again minimising risk.
With the further easing of restrictions and the measures we already have in place, ARK can now confidently accept part-time places, knowing we have gone above and beyond all safety advice issued. Due to the volume of parents/carers requesting part time, we feel demand will be high and it is only fair to offer these on a first come first served basis.